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There are many benefits to having a custom steel staircase in all variety of locations, from schools to offices, apartments, and of course, in your own home. Having a glass and steel staircase installed can provide you with a range of advantages that exceed those of traditional concrete and wooden staircases, which are regularly seen in place of steel versions.

So, with what we have mentioned in mind, what are these benefits of choosing a steel staircase over one made of other common materials? To give you a better understanding, we’ve compiled a list that clearly explains why having a steel staircase would be beneficial to you.

Discover the benefits of steel staircases here:


Once a steel staircase is installed in your home, office building, or school, the value of the property will rise. Having a long-lasting, durable staircase that won’t need to be replaced for many, many years is a plus in any building or home.

Low in Maintenance

The beauty of steel staircases is that they aren’t susceptible to the elements like their wooden counterparts, for example. Areas for concern with a wooden and concrete staircase are things such as high humidity and extreme temperature changes, which can cause the integrity of the structure to become affected. Fortunately, these types of issues do not affect steel staircases, and they don’t need as much care as a wooden or concrete staircase as a result. The fact that they are also especially easy to keep clean adds to their appeal, particularly in public, customer-facing locations.

Economically Sound

Another big defining factor for many people when it comes to choosing the material of their staircase is the cost. When steel is chosen over other materials, customers can expect to reap the benefits of added durability and average life of a metal staircase, due mostly to the nature of steel, making them arguably the most economical type of staircase available.

Very Versatile

Steel opens up customers to a plethora of further design options, when compared to other materials. Steel is extremely flexible, and can be cut and welded into any desired design at any size requested. This is a tell-tale sign as to why, when you see the majority of the extravagant staircases these days – like spirals and other curved designs – they are made with steel instead of other materials.

Ease of Installation

Again, because of the high flexibility factor, steel staircases are far easier to install, while construction costs are lower too. This means people can potentially spend more money on their desired design.

Customisable Design and Style

You can have your steel staircase fully customised to fit not only the required space, but also the person’s personal taste and personality too. With steel stairs, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone can’t be exclusive, stylish, and artistic with their design.With this collection of benefits on offer, it makes perfect sense to have a look at what steel staircase would best suit your needs. If you’d like to find out more about bespoke steel staircases, then contact us here at ANY Weld.

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