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Updated: Mar 28

When deciding that you would like to invest in balustrades for your residential or commercial property, it can be hard to decide on what style or material you want to use. However, each material comes with its own benefits and attributes that make them perfect for one purpose but might not be good for another. Whether it be commercial or residential, here at ANY Weld we can provide you with either steel or glass balustrades, so we have taken a look at the benefits of both to help you make your decision.


A glass balustrade is a type of balustrading material that provides a safety barrier of some sort or is used as fencing. Glass balustrades can be fully framed, semi-frameless or fully frameless and they can be made of different types of glass.

Glass balustrades are a great option for a number of reasons, but perhaps the main reason, and why they are so popular, is because they are see-through, which means that when they are installed, your views are not lost at all. This particular factor is important as we all would like to be able to see our surroundings, whether that’s their garden, their entertaining area, or the views of the beaches, forests or beyond.

They are also incredibly versatile design-wise, as they are available in so many different framing and fixing options, and in different colours and textures. As well as being incredibly attractive, glass balustrades are also very safe. This is due to them being made using thick, tempered safety glass, which is very difficult to break. Because of their safety and durability, it makes them absolutely ideal for areas where children will be and means that they can stand up to just about any conditions. When glass is used to make a frameless look, it can really create a stunning, sleek look.


When it comes to balustrades, it is important you choose a material that holds firm, no matter how much weight is pressed upon it, as you do not want it to buckle under pressure or give way. Wood can potentially break, and other materials can bend, but not steel. When it comes to a balustrade, steel is one of the toughest materials you can use.

Steel is always extremely easy to keep clean as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. No matter its location, steel works great in and outside of a property. Better still, it doesn’t require any special or expensive cleaning material to keep it looking good.

Stainless steel is a material used in both residential and commercial balustrades because it is a material that is not only durable but easy to maintain too. The combination of beauty and strength makes it one of the most appealing materials for a balustrade. It adds a contemporary feel to any design or application, whether that is an outside application or an interior one.

With such strong benefits of both, it can a difficult decision to decide on. If you require any advice for your residential balustrade, Devonour team are here to answer any questions you may have.

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