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Steel is known for its versatility, strength and value. It is one of the most widely used construction materials worldwide, and one of the main uses of the material is in metal fabrication.

Take a look into the world of steel fabrication today and learn about the wide range of processes involved and final products that can be achieved through this innovative type of construction.


Steel fabrication is the process that is used to manufacture components out of steel, and when finished, it can be used to create a framework.

It can be used to construct a wide variety of structural shapes, sizes and for many uses including stairs, balconies and roofs. For more information on steel construction and what the benefits are, take a look at our previous blog!


Typically, standard sections of steel are combined with specialist items to fit a job. However, some projects require a fully bespoke service for the best finish.

A fabricator transforms simple sections of steel into detailed designs with precision to bring a project to life.


The innovative process of steel fabrication has significantly evolved over the years, utilising new technologies to make the final product more precise and the procedure more efficient than ever. Just a few of the techniques involved in steel fabrication include:


The process in which sections of steel are blasted with a ‘shot’ of force is referred to as shot blasting; this helps to prepare the materials for fabrication, offering a clean finish and rough surface to hold paints and other finishes.

It is an aggressive technique, so it is most commonly used on larger, more challenging objects.


With the use of tools such as circular saws, flame cutters and plasma cutters, sections of steel can be tailored to the exact needs of each project. For the small intricate details, this can be managed by hand, but for the larger objects, machinery is required to create the exact size and shape needed.


Steel fabrication often works in curves rather than rigid shapes; therefore, it is essential to know how to bend and roll steel correctly.

The process of bending steel can help to create a smooth and seamless finish without any breakages, kinks or damages. The material is highly flexible when heated, so it is excellent for creating more unusual and unique designs.


Welding is used to attach different sections of steel together. It is primarily used to connect fixtures and fittings as it creates a reliable and robust bond. The process uses very high heat to melt the parent material to the steel which, when cool, solidifies and forms a stable joint.


Coatings can be of the utmost importance to the finish of a steel fabrication project as it can protect against corrosions, high heat and can improve the overall aesthetics.

Depending on the use of the fabricated steel would affect what coatings are used. For example, if the framework will be used near the coastline, the process of corrosion will be sped up due to the sea salt in the air; therefore, coatings to protect against this will be essential.


Steel fabrication can be used in a wide range of projects and structures including grand building structures, balustrades, balconies, fire escapes, staircases, handrails, gates and a wide range of other bespoke products.


The strength of the metal and versatility means that it can be used in a broad variety of settings as an effective solution. The steel can also be combined into designs with many other materials such as wood and glass to create a more unique aesthetic.

Steel fabrication has plenty of practical uses, as has been popular historically. However, in the modern-day, steel is often a material of preference for aesthetic purposes, easy maintenance, strength and versatility.

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