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Updated: May 27

Many in the construction industry have adopted and are favouring off-site manufacturing. To reach needed levels of sustainability, plus the cost and productivity targets desired by the Government and the Construction Leadership Council, off-site manufacturing seems the way to go. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the benefits of off-site manufacturing and how the use of steel compliments this process.


Throughout the off-site manufacturing process, costs will be cut down over time. Off-site manufacturing speeds up a whole operation, so straight away this is going to save money when it comes to working hours.

Less waste, less vehicle and equipment use, and less errors being made as a result of increased precision, all help keep costs to a minimum.


Many elements of off-site manufacturing aid the time it takes to complete work. In factory and workshop settings, there are less setbacks such as poor weather conditions, which may disrupt on-site work. Deadlines are met far more efficiently when workers can avoid unpredictable and uncontrollable conditions.


Health and safety are of great importance in building/construction settings. Being able to reduce risks wherever possible is a huge advantage. Working off-site in a factory environment means less hazards such as falls and equipment accidents. There is also a lot less vehicle movement, and again, no working in poor weather conditions. Both of these factors reduce risks as well.


We’re always striving to make all aspect of life more sustainable. In the construction industry, off-site manufacturing is a great way in which we can help reduce our carbon footprints. Off-site manufacturing requires reduced usage of heavy machinery and produces a much smaller amount of waste. Additionally, construction sites produce much less pollution making them considerably less disruptive.


With all factors considered, the working conditions off-site are much better. They’re safer and more predictable, meaning the quality of work gets completed to a higher standard. Factory-based work can allow multiple people involved to work closely together. Manufacturers can work directly with designers and in-turn ensure complete precision of work.


Steel is a popular material for many reasons. It’s strong, durable, sustainable, and is a great choice for off-site manufacturing. The design software used makes processes efficient and accurate. Steelwork manufactured off-site produces minimal waste compared to other materials. Storage isn’t required when steelwork arrives on site on time and gets erected straight away.

Here at Any Weld, our in-house teams work on every stage of a project from design to installation. We have a 15,000 sq/ft workshop on site where all fabrication takes place.

We can take on both domestic and commercial jobs, for any information email or call 01271 860794.

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