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Steel is perhaps one of the most common materials used in construction, and this is for a handful of reasons. The process of steel construction involves lifting and slotting components into place, then connecting them all together. The connections can be achieved by using bolts or welding. In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of using steel in construction.


Buildings made with steel can often provide more space due to them using slim columns; therefore, more floor space is gained. If you compare steel with concrete, a steel column can take up 75% less floor space than that of concrete.


Steel is incredibly fast to construct and can, therefore be beneficial for productivity. Technological advancements allow designers and steel specialist contractors to work closely together on the design, fabrication and construction of the steel. The ability to bring the two sectors together to co-operate can save both time and money in the construction process.


Steel is very cost-effective because it is light in weight; therefore, fuel costs are reduced, and this can also speed up the project schedule. Furthermore, as it can be recycled, it creates minimal waste, therefore, saving money. In addition to this, many components of a steel frame are built off-site, and this results in little waste at the location of the building.


With the worries and issues surrounding the damage to the environment, it is brilliant that steel is the most recycled material on the planet; today, steel is made of 88% recycled products. The production of steel can actually free up landfills and salvage yards by taking the steel and recycling it so that it can be reused in a new, more useful form. Furthermore, due to structural steel being so valuable, it encourages demolitions of buildings that include the material. Buildings that use other materials instead cost money to demolish, scrap and landfill.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of steel construction is unbelievable strength. Many other materials claim to be high strength, but they are still weaker than steel, even when enhanced by steel reinforcement.


One of the main benefits of using steel in construction is its ability to span across long distances, making it perfect for large-scale buildings. The steel ceiling joists can stretch far distances, therefore, opening up room for creativity to create large constructions. Industrial buildings are almost always constructed using steel because it is both durable and can produce large spaces. Both concrete and wood constructions would not be able to achieve the same size buildings as steel. It can achieve these incredible spans while not interrupting the interior design; this is why steel construction is often used for aircraft hangers, agricultural builds, airports, warehouses etc. Furthermore, it can also allow for greater freedom should renovations or changes take place at a later stage.


Steel does not crack like other materials, such as concrete; therefore, this allows the material to bend without collapsing. The ability to deform without falling gives those inside the chance to exit the building before the collapse. A steel structure would not breakdown overnight, and they very rarely collapse; this is why they are less affected during the event of an earthquake.


Steel can be moulded into virtually any shape, which makes the material appealing for both residential and commercial builds. Architects can experiment with their creativity while still maintaining a safe and robust building.


Special flame-retardant coatings are used on steel and, therefore, the material is highly fire-resistant, especially when compared to wood. Furthermore, the spread of fire is reduced if there is more steel present in the building.

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