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Updated: Mar 28

Structural engineers specialise in the framework of a building or structure while also ensuring they are designed to withstand pressure from the surrounding environments. They need to design structures in a safe and stable manner so they can remain secure throughout their lifespan. In more simple terms, structural engineers are there to make sure that buildings and bridges don’t fall or collapse. In this blog, we take a look at some interesting facts surrounding the structural engineering sector, how you can become a structural engineer and also the responsibilities of the role.


Becoming a structural engineer doesn’t happen overnight; there is a lot that has to go into it to become qualified. First of all, you need to possess the skill of problem-solving; it is essential to be able to find a resolution to any issues that may occur during a project. Furthermore, you will need to be highly skilled in both maths and science. Additionally, a university undergraduate degree, sometimes a postgraduate degree too, is often required to be considered for a role as a structural engineer.


As a structural engineer, you will be in charge of preparing reports, designs and drawings for different projects. You will also be responsible for calculations and selecting the appropriate construction materials for the job. Your interpersonal skills should be to an outstanding level as you will be providing technical advice to clients while also liaising with professional staff, such as architects. Furthermore, you will also be required to obtain planning and building regulations approval, and you will need to monitor and inspect work being completed by contractors. Overall, you will be managing projects; therefore, there is a substantial amount of responsibility that comes with the role.

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