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Although we are specialists in the balustrade industry, we are not limited to it. We also offer a bespoke steel fabrication service that is highly-rated.

With this in mind, we thought we would offer you some insight in to just what steel fabrication can bring to the table for you, including reasons to opt for this material, and its overall benefits.

Steel fabrication has the ability to fulfil a whole host of your building needs which will be covered later on in the feature…

What are the best-known places to have steel fabrication structures?

We have included a few examples of places that can benefit well from structures made from steel fabrications, such as garages, storage units, warehouses, fire stations, manufacturing plants, recreation centres, sports arenas, for instance.

What are the advantages of having a steel fabrication structure?

There are plenty of advantages that come with opting to go down the route of steel fabrication-style frames, such as:

· They are almost completely maintenance free.

· Structural steel fabrications are highly corrosion and rust-resistant.

· Painting structures of this kind is easily accomplished.

· Structures of this kind, if built well, can be used for in excess of 30 years!

· Customisable frames can be achieved to suit specific dimensions and sizes.

As opposed to wood frames, their steel counterparts are far more effective in the event of a fire. These steel frames prevent the spreading to adjacent places. This is obviously an important factor for many business owners.

Due to its versatility, adding various features such as electrical wiring, air con, or areas of ventilation once the building is going through to completion, is not an issue for concern.

What else can we say about steel structures?

By choosing a steel structure, you are guaranteeing the benefits mentioned above, combined with longevity.

When our expert team of professionals work on the design and installation of your steel structure, you are sure to not only have superior quality, but also supreme functional versatility, enriched architectural flexibility, to mention just a few of the appealing features that structures of this kind can give you.

When it comes to choosing a structure, it is always best to seek professional advice. We are able to offer this type of service; one that is tailored to your needs and individual requirements.

For more information, get in touch with us today!

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