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Updated: May 27

Don’t have time to waste going through the process of contacting a steel supplier, waiting for a quote, emails and phone calls back and forth, just to be able to order a few pieces of steel? Well, there’s now a cost-effective, time-saving way to easily buy steel online.

Here at ANY Weld, we’ve partnered with Buy-A-Beam so we can help supply you with steel efficiently.

The Buy-A-Beam site and app allows users to find steel suppliers in their area and order a range of products. After a few simple steps, your steel will be delivered straight to you. This is a great option for builders on-site. You can place orders on the go, as and when you need, without having to wait for prices and confirmations.

Buy-A-Beam is designed to allow you to customise your order to fit any specific requirements you may have. For example, you can:

  • Add different profiles and structures

  • Request certain steel connections

  • Request specific sizes

  • Add a primer or coating to help prevent corrosion

  • Choose specific steel fabrication processes or welding that you need to be carried out

In addition, Buy-A-Beam will show you instant price updates throughout the ordering process, so you can keep track of what it will cost you. Consequently, this will also help you to meet deadlines quicker and easier, making work more productive.

ANY Weld are proud to have partnered with Buy-A-Beam and become the chosen steel supplier for multiple areas over the South West. It’s never been easier to order CE-Marked structural steel in a way that suits your needs and demands.

Furthermore, this tool is a great way to easily support local suppliers. And for us, it allows the ability to deliver steel efficiently to local people and other businesses. Order as much or as little as you need from us as your trusted, local steel fabricator, at any time.

To check this service out visit or download the Buy-A-Beam app. For more information contact us today.

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