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Updated: Apr 13

Whether you have an existing balcony already or are looking to add one to your home, these design trends for 2022 are enough to inspire anyone. With longer days and warmer weather quickly approaching us, we’ll be spending a lot more of our time outside over the coming months, and what better way to enjoy it than having somewhere in your own home.

1. Minimalism

Balconies aren’t known for being the biggest of spaces, so how you use the space is important. This year we’re thinking less is more. A seating area and some plants are enough for you to create a simple and calm space for you to escape to and enjoy the outdoors. This kind of minimal décor will definitely compliment a balcony with a glass balustrade and give the illusion of more room.

2. Stackable/ hanging plants / plant walls

Continuing with the idea of utilising a small space, we’re seeing balcony designs incorporating essential plants and greenery in effective ways. 3 ways you can do this is with stackable plants, hanging plants, and plant walls. Depending on the look and style you’re going for there’s an option for you. You can place hanging plants off a balcony roof if you have one, if this is in line with the balustrade, they won’t take up any extra room. If this isn’t an option, for example if your balcony doesn’t have any shelter, you can stack plants to allow you to use more without taking up floor space. Green walls/ plant walls can act as more of a focal/ statement piece. They also make great backdrops.

3. Sustainable materials

Unsurprisingly, sustainability is still at the forefront of all design ideas. More than just a trend, sustainability is something we all need to be conscious of. Some sustainable materials you can use for the décor of your balcony include reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork, ashcrete, ferrock, and many more. When it comes to the actual balcony structure, steel is a great material to use as it is largely recycled and lasts for a very long time. Glass is also a great option for your balustrade.

4. Lighting

Good lighting can help transform a balcony from day to night. Most lighting options are a great way of adding extra decoration without taking up much space. Try using battery or solar powered lights to save on electricity.

5. Extended living area

This option isn’t for everyone as there is only one or two places a balcony could actually work on a lot of homes. However, if you’ve adopted an ‘upside down’ home style this one is for you. This is where the living room is situated on the first floor of a home with the bedrooms located downstairs. By having your home laid out this way, you could potentially open up your living area onto a balcony . This style of balcony acts as more of a room extension than its own exterior space, but it’s a great way to merge the indoors and outdoors into one.

At Any Weld, we can help design and create a balcony to suit your home and budget. If you’d like to discuss your options further don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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