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Updated: May 25

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, it’s always interesting to know how you can add value to your property and the potential it has. Typically, when we think of renovating to increase property value, we think of adding an extra bedroom, converting a loft space, or upgrading the kitchen and bathroom, but some changes don’t have to be so big. In this blog post we’ve highlighted a few ways in which architectural metalwork can help add value to your property.


It’s been said that adding a balcony to your property can typically increase it’s value by around 12%, and sometimes more in coveted areas. Especially after this past year, outside space is very desirable for many buyers. The beauty of a balcony is that it can create an outside area on any property, including flats and apartments. The variety of balconies available means the value one can add to a property will vary depending on the space and design.


One important benefit of balustrades is the way they act as a safety feature. Whether adding them internally to a staircase or externally around a pool, they create a barrier that can protect. This is something that will be seen as a bonus for buyers, especially those with younger children and pets. Adding a balustrade gives structure to a property. Balustrades can add to the design of a home making it more appealing to buyers. This can depend on the materials used, but glass balustrades for example, can add a modern, natural element. Frameless glass balustrades can also create the illusion of space by letting natural light pass through, in both internal and external spaces. It is subtle upgrades like this which will attract buyers, making your home more appealing, and increasing your chances of making a bit more when you sell.


Renovating and upgrading your staircase can bring a number of added benefits to a property. Using different materials can create different effects with stairs. Using glass can create a light, modern feature in your home, whereas wood can keep the more traditional feel. Renovating a staircase can help utilize the space around it as well as just upgrade the main feature. This can be creating more storage space under the stairs or freeing up more floor space by creating a smaller design. In a lot of homes, the stairs are usually the first characteristic potential buyers will notice once inside. Upgrading the staircase can hugely help with first impressions. Quite often adding that bit of extra value to your home can come from improving an older, existing feature.

If you’re thinking of adding any of these features to your home, whether it’s to add value to sell or just to enjoy yourself, make sure you speak with an expert who can advise you on what is best for your property. At Any Weld, we specialise in architectural metalwork and glass work. To talk to one of the team contact us today.

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