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Updated: Apr 13

Whether you have a new property and you are looking to add something special, or you have another project that would benefit from a fine new addition, glass balustrades will always give you that touch of class required. Not only do balustrades look fantastic, but they provide a whole host of practical benefits too. This tremendously attractive and exceedingly versatile material lends itself perfectly to home décor, so if you’re contemplating having a bespoke glass balustrade fitted, here are six reasons why you should.

The visual appeal

Your home is not just defined by what is inside, but on the outside too. First impressions are everything, as they say, and having a custom glass balustrade installed is sure to offer your home a pleasant, functional addition that will complement the rest of your property.

The beauty of glass is that it is visually appealing. It provides homeowners with a safe and secure option, not to mention allowing light to pass through, giving a space the feel or airy openness. Pair your glass balustrades with metal and/or wood, and you’re sure to have a refined, high-class look to your home.

Feel safe

There’s a whole host of alternative barriers you can opt for as a means of securing your home, such as wooden fences, but little offers as much as a glass balustrade. If you are looking for a sleek, light, and clean feature, then glass is the way forward.

Consider this: Do you want a safety barrier that can stand up to pressure and impact? If the answer is yes, then toughened, tempered glass is arguably the best option for you as part of your balustrade installation.

The glass used is toughened and is done so to the extent that it is able to withstand most impacts. Furthermore, with the glass being tempered, it gives you added strength that regular glass doesn’t have. Ordinary glass shatters into thousands of little, sharp fragments, whereas glass used for balustrades will merely crack or chip in extreme circumstances.

Add extra security

You may view stone or glass as the more reassuring option for security around a balcony, or other outside areas of your home, glass balustrades are equally as effective at providing a solid barrier, with the added benefit of being able to see through them on to lower parts of the garden, for example.

They can act as an efficient deterrent for anyone having not so pleasant intentions, for example, too.

Fantastic value

It goes without saying, that any improvement you make to your property is going to add extra value to it, should you want to sell up and move on in the future.

Adding a bespoke glass balustrade will definitely add value and appeal, and with the fact that high-quality fixtures and fittings that look great will only make the house more alluring for potential buyers. It could be the difference between a sale and not, if you do ever decide to part with your home.

A level of consistency

You may well have seen some additions and alterations to other properties that made you wonder what they were thinking about when they chose it. You can avoid this when you find a custom glass balustrade to fit your needs. Why not contact us here at ANY Weld today and look forward to our fully qualified expert team delivering a special new addition to you?

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