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Updated: Apr 13

Are you looking to rejuvenate your home and give it the upgrade it deserves? There’s a whole host of benefits that glass balustrades bring to the fore that you may not have even considered before. So why not let us show you eight reasons why you should choose frameless glass balustrades in your home?


Safety is obviously one of the main considerations when you make any changes to your home, and a balustrade is no different. You can opt for safety or tempered glass; these options will give you the added peace of mind that you and your family will remain safe at all times. To achieve a hardened toughness with tempered glass, the glass is first heated up and then cooling. Safety glass is often regarded to be as solid as steel, making it far more difficult to damage, and what’s more, safety glass doesn’t shatter in the way that normal glass does would, reducing the risk of harm and making it the ideal choice for those with children.


Another wonderful reason to choose a glass balustrade is the positive environmental impact it will offer your home. Glass is an environmentally-friendly material due to being easily recyclable and doesn’t release any potentially harmful chemicals that some metals often do.

Perfect for personalisation

One of the most appealing factors of glass balustrades is that they can be created exclusively for you and exactly to the specifications you require. For instance, you can have textured, frosted or curved glass, depending on your preferences. You can also add a splash of colour that can be paired with your interior décor, which still also allows you to enjoy the transparency glass provides.

The views

Look forward to unrestricted views that will open your home up, giving the impression of additional space. Additionally, glass balustrades permit light to freely flow around, adding that more welcoming and open feel. If you are lucky enough to have a view that will make your friends envious, then what better way to further enjoy it than to choose glass balustrades?

Adding style

If you have seen other modern builds that incorporate glass, then you will be able to appreciate how glass balustrades provide your home with a wonderful air of style, class and sophistication. The feel of up to date modernisation is also extremely appealing for many customers of ours. Furthermore, you could well be adding more value to your property, should you decide to sell.

Care free maintenance

As we’re sure you’ll already know, glass is very easy to maintain. Cleaning only need to be done every once in a while, compared to other alternative materials, and if marks of scratches appear, you can use a polish restore it to its original splendour.

Sound investment

Glass is not only quality in terms of build, look and feel, it is also, arguably a better investment when compared to other materials, such as wood, which are regularly used to make stair railings. This is because when you choose glass, you’re guaranteed they aren’t going to corrode or rot over time. As such, glass balustrades make for a fine investment for your home, and you can rest assured that it will stay looking just as good as the day it was fitted for a long, long time!

The modern feel

Possibly we are slightly biased, but we feel that glass is a truly stunning material that gives any home an element of add the wow factor to your home. Not only is there a simplistic style, but there is also the feel that it will stand the test of time. Call ANY Weld today if you want to have a feature for your home that will give you the wow factor.

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