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Whether your property is small or big, having a balcony can transform your home. It is important to spend time in the great outdoors and experience the benefits of fresh air. So, if you have a balcony and aren’t too sure what to do with it or you are looking to add a balcony onto your home, continue reading to find out how it can change your property for the better.


The first benefit is somewhat obvious, and that is that you gain more space when you have a balcony. The extra space can be used for relaxing, dining, hosting and simply unwinding from a hard day’s work. Furthermore, if you are in a country that has good weather or you have a roof on your balcony, you can use the space all year round and install permanent furniture, cooking facilities and lighting. You can create a little outdoor haven that can be your private place to enjoy the fresh air and take time for yourself away from the rest of the house.


Eating outdoors is a brilliant way to connect with nature, appreciate fresh air, and it’s also a novelty. Installing some outdoor furniture so that you can sit and eat on your balcony is an excellent way to make use of the space and transform your home. Furthermore, you can use the outdoor dining area to host gatherings and parties. Sometimes with large groups, it can be challenging to fit everyone indoors, and if you have guests who are smokers, it can be very beneficial to have the added outdoor space so close.


With the added outdoor space, you can grow your own fruit and vegetables while also having ease of access. While it is nice to have a patch in the garden dedicated to growing produce, having them on your balcony makes them far easier to maintain and pick for eating. Furthermore, you can plant some beautiful flowers and create a colourful balcony. Adding flowers not only looks pretty, but they are also beneficial for the bees! You don’t have to go overboard with growing plants and produce, just a few will do the job; you don’t want to end up cluttering the space.


With the added space comes extra room to install storage solutions. Depending on the size of your balcony, you could have a storage box or a shed. Having the storage outside on your balcony can free up space inside your home. Therefore, you can make use of the cupboards and storage solutions inside for items you need regular access to. The outdoor storage can be used for things such as tools, bikes, barbecue bits, soft outdoor furnishings and so much more.


Having a balcony can give you the option to dry your clothes on a rack or washing line. While you can do this also in the garden, having them on the balcony can be easier as they are closer, therefore quicker to get in should the weather take a turn. In addition to this, if you have animals or children, you can use the balcony as your space for drying clothes, out of the way from them having fun.


If you have a balcony but no garden, then this is a great place for your pet to have somewhere to relax outside. It is easy access for them to go out and go to the toilet or simply spend some time in the fresh air. Keeping your pet locked inside all day is not good for them and can be detrimental to their health, so having a balcony can be a great way to keep them connected to the outdoors. Furthermore, you and your pet can both spend time outside together, either playing or relaxing.

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