• Ella Townsend


When we imagine steel beams, our first thought is most likely a structural frame for a building. But what if you were to take steel beams inside your home and use them within your living space. Steel beams look great against many other materials, such as concrete, wood, and brick, for example. So, whether you’re after modern makeover or a rustic renovation, here are 5 ways you can use steel beams for your home’s interior.


If you’re after a more industrial look for your home, you won’t do much better than exposed steel beams. You can use them as a post in the middle of a room, to frame an archway, or as a more modern take on wooden ceiling beams. One great thing about choosing to use steel beams inside your home, or to keep original steel beams exposed, is that you can adapt them to suit your existing, or desired décor. Add a coat of paint in a colour of your choice and you’ll have a unique addition to your home.


If you like the idea of beams in your home but steel isn’t really the look you’re after, you can always cover them up. If you wanted a pillar in a room, for example, a steel beam could act as the main structure, and then cladding could be added in a material of your choice around it. Some examples include concrete or wood. You can adapt the look to fit into any interior style you desire.


A feature fireplace is a favourite in many homes. But what can you do if your house only has a very simple fireplace, or if your current fireplace is a bit more classic than contemporary? You could use steel beams to frame your fireplace, or as an industrial style mantlepiece. These are great options if you’re a fan of the steel beam look but want something a bit smaller than a floor to ceiling piece. You could use painted steel for a modern, up-to-date aesthetic, or keep the original for a more rustic look.


Steel beams don’t have to be used just as they come. If you want to get creative, you could incorporate steel beams into your furniture or home décor. For example, you could use steel beams for shelves. Cut them to your desired size and use as many as you need. Another option would be to use steel beams to make a table or something similar. Steel beams will work well as legs you could then top with glass or wood. These options can create that industrial statement piece but fit into many styles without being the main feature that takes over a room.


Like the furniture, using steel beams for stairs incorporates them into another feature so they’re not just stood alone in a room. Integrating steel beams into a staircase again allows you to use other materials alongside the steel, to create different styles.

There are many options with steel beams and different ways they can be used and adapted to suit certain styles.

One main thing to consider when using steel beams, especially if exposing ones that are already part of a building, is to make sure they’re safe and adhere to building regulations. One of the main steps to take is to make sure they are fireproof. To fireproof an exposed steel beam, you can use intumescent paint. It swells in excessive heat to protect what it is covering. If you’re thinking of incorporating steel beams into your home, or exposing existing ones, get in touch with us today for any further information.

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