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Balconies are a perfect way to adapt and enjoy more outside space. Not only can they transform a room by opening it up to the outdoors, they can also add value to your property.

There is however things you need to consider before installing a balcony, like what style will best work for different buildings. In this blog post, we've highlighted 3 of the most popular balcony styles for you to consider.

Cantilever Balconies

Cantilever balconies have no visible support, achieved with a support beam within a wall which the balcony is attached to, so it can sit against the face of a building.

The size allowed depends on building materials and joist size, but the smaller the balcony, the less 'bounce' it will have. This style of balcony is best suited to new buildings as they need to be predesigned. These balconies are traditionally manufactured from steel or concrete, and are aesthetically pleasing options with their simple look and clean finish.

Stacked Balconies

Unlike cantilever balconies, stacked balconies are seperate structures to buildings as they are not connected, meaning minimal load on the building. These balconies use vertical pillars which transfer their weight to concrete pads they're attached to in the ground.

These balconies are more commonly used on residential buildings and apartments as they offer a unified appearnace. Single free-standing balconies use the same structural idea as stacked balconies but are more commonly used on houses.

Juliet Balconies

A Juliet balcony is a narrow balcony/ railing that sits just in front of a window or french door. It's ideal when you can't have a larger balcony, but would still like to open up a room to the outdoors. The benefits of this are to let more light in and even create the illusion of more space. One thing you likely won't have to worry about is planning permission as they are classed as Permitted Developments, but as with all these styles, it's always sensible to check.

At Any Weld we specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing balconies for both the residential and commercial sectors and can create a range of systems to suit any building or property type.

If you'd like to explore the idea of installing a balcony you can get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

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