As a business we understand the importance of doing our part to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Getting your business to go green can seem like a slightly overwhelming task. Where do you start; will it be enough? But it doesn’t have to be complicated, which we realised when we discovered The Billion Trees Project.


This great project aims to help businesses start their sustainability journey. It’s a great incentive not only for businesses, but for their customers too. Once registered you’re able to embed forms on your website or display QR codes in your shop, or other physical locations. By signing up to newsletters, emails, contact lists, etc, customers are not only helping the business they’re signing up with, but helping the environment too. With every customer sign up, The Billion Trees Project plants one tree. Once a customer signs up they are sent a link to their tree, which they can watch grow over time. Not only is this a great way to offset our carbon footprint, but it helps us build relationships with our customers. Every customer who signs up and plants a tree will get the option to follow its journey and view our digital forest.

But The Billion Trees Project doesn’t just help those businesses who register. It also supports those in poverty by working with tree planting partners who employ villagers to plant the trees and restore areas of deforestation for a fair wage.

At ANY Weld we’re committed to making a change and know we can work with our customers to go green through this amazing incentive. Want to join our journey and be a part of our digital forest?

Sign up to our monthly newsletter, and be responsible for a tree being planted today!


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